SeragaEngland pride ourselves on unusual jewellery for your enjoyment. We focus all our creative energy on creating extraordinary pieces fit for a faery or goddess. We are inspired by the forest, the jewellery of the world’s ancient peoples such as Egyptians and Etruscans. Collectively, these jewellery pieces are perfect for your every whim, so you can be the goddess you wish to be.

SeragaEngland is one of south west England’s premier jewellery shops online. We welcome you for online jewellery shopping or our collections are available to see in person in selected jewellery shops. All of our beautiful jewellery is handmade in Lyme Regis on the Dorset coast.

Our jewellery designs incorporate men & women’s jewellery including fine jewellery with a rough luxe feel, beautiful wedding jewellery. Our pieces are both contemporary and have an antique feel to them at times, especially with the collections centred around ancient civilizations.

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