Where it all began

My name is Natalie Manifold and I own my jewellery brand, Seraga England. I’m a British Egyptian living on the south coast of England. I became a jeweller when I couldn’t find the jewellery I wanted to wear for my wedding. At that point, my eyes were opened to the vast world of jewellery that exists beyond the high street brands.

I attended classes at Exeter College, studied with Jewellers’ Academy and worked as a bench assistant to other jewellers. I am also a member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers.

The name Seraga comes from the name of my father, Serag, a Coptic Egyptian. He led me through the early part of the path that is my life, encouraging my talents to flourish and so it felt appropriate to name my company after him and the ancestry that has inspired me. In ancient Egypt, jewellery was of huge importance, as was gold and other riches. Where possible, I try to combine the luxury of these ancient jewels with the wonder of the natural world, such as ancient English woodland and the beauty of the British seaside.

I believe in the time honoured tradition of my art, that is to make each item with love and the great care it merits. Let me take you on that journey through ancient times with a new piece of jewellery, either one you see already made or a bespoke design.
All of my items are handmade by me in England. I hope you will love your new jewellery as much as I enjoyed making it.

With love, from Lyme Regis.

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