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Anyone who either knows me or has followed my work for a while will have by now realised my passion for history, architecture, archeology and wildlife. This new collection is a combination of many of these interests. When I came to make this new collection, I didn’t set out to make a collection featuring birds. I wanted to create a collection around this wonderful twisted bangle I had made and incorporate ancient patterns. While I was researching, I bought this book by the very well known British Egyptologist Sir Flinders Petrie (there’s even a whole museum dedicated to his finds). He’s a very controversial figure in history because of his support of Eugenics. That said, he’s considered one of the fathers of archaeology because he devised a systemic method for excavating and dating archaeological finds. Anyway, I digress. Flinders Petrie wrote a lot about the Ancient world, not just Egypt. In fact, he founded the British School of Archeology and Petrie wrote this fascinating book, documenting patterns of the ancient world. When I finally managed to get my hands on a copy, I started sketching out the patterns that I liked. I sketched and sketched and sketched! Days went by. Then I stumbled across this pattern featuring a bird and foliage, from San Marco in Venice. My sister and I are both drawn to birds and Venice has always been a special place for me. One of my favourite films ‘Don’t Look Now’ is set there, I went on honeymoon there and I’ve holidayed there many times. There’s nothing I love more than exploring this ornate water city! So, when I saw this beautiful bird pattern and saw it was from Venice, my heart danced! What you will find here is a collection that encompasses my love of ancient architecture and nature through my use of historic patterns. You’re getting a little bit of my soul.