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22ct Gold – New Egyptian Scarab Collection

The hand carved scarab bracelet below is my Goldsmiths Fair application piece. Goldsmiths Fair is the most prestigious jewellery fair in the world. It’s held annually and organised by The Goldsmiths Company. This year will be the the year of … Read More

18ct Gold Ra Brooch with Australian Teal Parti Sapphire

This brooch is actually a pendant.

However, should you wish me to adapt this into a brooch, I will remove the bail and affix a pin to the reverse.

This is a substantial piece, so it will be supplied with a brooch chain to ensure its safety.


This pendant is truly dazzling. The 18ct yellow gold has a buttery golden glow and the teal sapphire is spectacular at 5.6mm.
This piece was created for a god on earth with the sun rays shining out from the sapphire, through the gold and down towards earth and its mortals. It’s very intricate and a delight to behold. This pendant is hand carved and the patterns and motifs are straight out of Tutankhamen’s wardrobe.

This Egyptian inspired 18ct yellow gold and teal sapphire pendant is British designed, British made and will make you feel like an Egyptian goddess. The Ancient Egyptians believed that gold was a heavenly metal and this certainly does look heavenly. The solid 18ct yellow gold and this large sapphire combined glisten as you walk. It is fit for a goddess, whether she is dining in a castle or a front room!

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How to clean jewellery

HOW TO CLEAN JEWELLERY There are so many ways to clean jewellery. You can take jewellery to a high street jeweller and ask them to clean it. Many jewellers who advertise a repair service will have the facilities to do … Read More

Bridal Jewellery

BRIDAL JEWELLERY WHAT SHALL I WEAR? Pretty much anything on our site can be worn as bridal jewellery or wedding rings. You are an individual and your wedding is about what you like and want to wear. Here’s a selection … Read More

Resizing or repairing

I can usually resize pieces which I have made previously for you. A resizing fee and re-shipping fee will apply. This fee does not apply to items purchased within the previous 30 days, unless your order was for a custom … Read More

Returns & Exchanges

  Returns & exchanges SeragaEngland gladly accept cancellations, returns or exchanges, unless your order is a custom order (not something listed as an ‘off the shelf item on our site). Please contact SeragaEngland either before your order is dispatched or … Read More

Choosing Ethically Sourced Jewellery

ETHICALLY SOURCED JEWELLERY HOW EASY IS IT? It’s actually extremely difficult to make sure every gemstone, every piece of gold and every item of packaging is ethically sourced, but here’s what we do know: METALS: We use recycled metals. We … Read More

Is Your Jewellery Hallmarked?

Yes is the very short answer. SeragaEngland is registered with London Assay Office. You can find a Dealer’s Notice here. In the UK, hallmarking precious metals is a legal requirement. Jewellers send their wares off to an assay office to … Read More

How to Find the Perfect Bridal Jewellery

My name is Natalie Manifold and I own Seraga England, a jewellery brand on the south coast of England. I am here to share some thoughts on how to choose jewellery for your wedding. The main things to consider when … Read More

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