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How to Find the Perfect Bridal Jewellery

My name is Natalie Manifold and I own Seraga England, a jewellery brand on the south coast of England. I am here to share some thoughts on how to choose jewellery for your wedding. The main things to consider when … Read More

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UK Ring Sizer Seraga England

This UK ring sizer is very simple to use and will be shipped immediately.

If you place an order from us after purchasing the ring sizer, you will receive a refund on the cost of the ring sizer.

To measure your finger using this sizer, place the sizer around your finger and pull to a comfortable fit. Ensure you can slide the sizer over your knuckle and back again without it being too tight.

Please send a video of yourself doing this to us to confirm fit.

For wider ring bands (eg 7mm wide), you’ll need to go up half a size from that shown on the sizer.
Do get in touch with us for help with sizing.

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18ct Gold Nebu Peach Sapphire Stud Earrings

If you’re looking for a pair of yellow gold studs with astoundingly beautiful peach sapphires, here they are! This design is totally unique and never to be repeated. When they are yours, they will be unique to you. These British designed, British made 18ct yellow gold sapphire drop earrings will make you feel like Egyptian royalty. The Ancient Egyptians believed that gold is a heavenly metal and the sun god Ra is depicted as a golden disc. Dressed like Egyptian royalty, you’ll find yourself oozing confidence, striding along the street wearing these glistening gold stud earrings. You can dress them up or down, meaning you can go to the chippy or Buckingham Palace and you wont look out of place at either in these magnificent peach sapphire earrings.


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video shows them as drops but they will be studs.… Read More

Patterned Passion Prong Set Ruby Ring with Herringbone Pattern In Silver

Ruby has long been associated with passion and power. Nurture your inner sorceress with this Ruby emblazoned shield ring. Around this sweet little ruby, there is a wonderfully delicate yet rustic herringbone or arrow pattern. You will find this same pattern used again and again throughout history. This particular version of it was found in the ancient settlement of Iolysos on the island of Rhodes in Greece. Its wonderful rustic charm encapsulates the power of the ruby setting it apart from other adornments.

Rubies are said to represent purity, nobility and passion and they were valued by ancient civilisations around the world. Rubies are believed to protect the wearer against negative energies. It is also said to bring vitality and vigour because of the likeness to the colour of blood, which carries oxygen around the body. Rubies are extremely hard wearing so make an ideal ring for daily wear or special occasions. They stand up to the demands of life very well.
You wil find this ring suitable for every occasion. It’s rustic texture means it will weather well too!

Ruby is a July Birthstone.


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Rising Power Bird of Peace Carrying a Ruby Pendant in Silver

This charming little dove is flying and rising above the world while carrying a branch. The dove is an ancient symbol of peace and innocence as well as love, luck and prosperity. This little fellow reminds me of love and peace in particular. For this reason, he’d make a fantastic gift to a loved one or self gift..
Ruby is the July birthstone and has long been associated with passion and power. The little ruby dangles and moves as you do, glistening in the light.
Let this powerful symbolic necklace bring you joy and allow the purity and innocence of that dove to embrace and invigorate you.
This pendant is suitable for all occasions.

18″ chain is the most popular chain size.

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Bird of Peace & Ancient Patterns Cocktail Ring in Silver

This magnificent cocktail ring features dove bird design found in San Marco Venezia. I love nothing more than strolling the fondamentas and calles de Venezia, but I hadn’t seen this design until I found it in a book by British archaeologist Sir Flinders Petrie. The other patterns are taken from various ancient cultures including Egyptian and Celtic. The shape of the ring itself is very much inspired by the Torque designs of the Celts, but with an organic twist.

The charming little dove is sitting on an acanthus branch. The dove is an ancient symbol of peace and innocence as well as love, luck and prosperity. This little fellow reminds me of love and peace in particular. For this reason, these would make a fantastic love token.
Acanthus leaves were sacred and used for medicinal healing in the ancient world and in the Mediterranean they were a symbol of enduring life or immortality.
Let this powerful symbolic dove bring you joy and allow the purity and innocence of that dove to embrace and invigorate you.
A really chunky piece with a stack of heritage vibe to match.


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Lyre Shaped Twisted Gypsy Hoop Earrings in Silver

These glistening lyre shape gypsy hoops were inspired by the twisted jewellery of the Celts and the Etruscans. Mixing these ancient forms with a more organic technic of lost wax casting produces the most strikingly wondrous artefact. Little pieces of history just waiting to adorn your ears.
The Lyre, to the ancient Greeks, symbolised great wisdom and moderation and this ancient instrument inspired hoops exude style.
Embrace the delicate vibe of these twisted hoops and watch them catch the light as you move.

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