It’s actually extremely difficult to make sure every gemstone, every piece of gold and every item of packaging is ethically sourced, but here’s what we do know:

We use recycled metals.
We recycle some of our own metals.

Many of the stones we use are old cut (which means they were mined many years ago).
We do not use lab grown stones. The reason being that they are not environmentally friendly, despite being marketed as such. Lab grown stones require a huge amount of energy to produce, as well as producing lab waste.
It’s far more environmentally friendly to choose a stone where you can see and are aware of the mining process, or choose an old stone. Example: stones mined by small enterprises in Australia are going to be far more human and eco friendly than a stone made in a lab by a multinational company.
What we cannot tell you is exactly where every stone we use has come from (yet), but that is what we are aiming for.

The only nee items of packaging we use are the foil envelopes (which can be reused time and again), business cards (paper), and the jewellery pouches, which we hope will be used for the lifetime of the jewellery they protect.
All paper used in our packaging is used time and time again and we hope our customers will continue to use the paper in their packages or to recycle it.
Some of our items are also sold with an accompanying trinket dish / ornate box which are always vintage.

We’re happy to discuss any aspect of our packaging and to hear your ideas as to how we can improve our packaging.

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