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This new collection, inspired by the treasures of Ancient Egypt represents something of a coming of age, in a way. I put everything I have into this new collection. I’ll tell you that the journey developing these pieces has been an emotional rollercoaster for many reasons. The idea for the collection came into being at Melbourne airport on my way to Tasmania where I saw an article in National Geographic detailing Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb and its treasures. Of course, being Egyptian, I HAD to buy this magazine, and a sketchbook, and pens, on the spot. As I turned each page, patterns almost flew out of the magazine and into my notebook. The adrenaline was real. So, the new collection was born. It was actually a whirlwind as my youngest sister and I sat on our flight discussing the different patterns and artefacts in the magazine. When I got back after the Tassie trip, I showed my dad, who despite spending his life as an Obstetrician is an extremely creative person. Together we discussed the merits of various stones I’d seen in Australia, which is known for its incredible sapphires. So, this collection embodies family love, shared ancestry, all that glitters AND a wild trip in to the Tassie outback. These pieces are a part of my family, my loves.