There are so many ways to clean jewellery.

  • You can take jewellery to a high street jeweller and ask them to clean it. Many jewellers who advertise a repair service will have the facilities to do this. This option is your best bet if your jewellery has emeralds, opals or pearls.
  • Buy an ultrasonic cleaner with a heated element. These machines use heat and movement to gently remove the build up of grime. Not suitable for use with emeralds, some opals or pearls
  • Clean it at home by placing it in a warm washing up liquid solution in a small clear jar. It’s important that it’s not hot water. You can put quite a bit of the washing up liquid in there. Swish it around a bit. After an hour or so, replace the solution and rub the settings with a very soft old toothbrush to try and remove any remaining grime. Finally, rinse in warm water and dry with a lint free cloth such as a micro fibre cloth.
  • Remove tarnish (black / green or dark orange discolouration) by using something like Goddard’s polishGoddard’s polish. We use the foaming one in the tub in the workshop.

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